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After attending a "Support Our Troops" rally in 2003 sponsored by John McAdoo, I visited with John about the possibility of building a veterans memorial in Estacada.  We began working out some of the ideas but because of other obligations, John was unable to continue with the ideas of a memorial.

In 2004, I along with Cindy Campbell and Pat Crane held a 2004 fund raising at the Farmers Market site bringing in $207.87. 

In early 2005, interest in the concept of a Veterans Memorial began to happen and we started bringing members into our organization

It was also in 2005 when we held our third annual Veteran's Day rally,  first annual parade.  We also were organized and Incorporated as the Estacada Area Support Our Troops Foundation.

After deciding we wanted to use the site the memorial is now on, we signed an agreement with the City of Estacada for the use of this site and later were successful in acquiring a $17,070 grant from Oregon Parks and Recreation, War and Veterans Memorial Program.

With the $17, 070 grant, we started construction of the memorial on October 18, 2008 by purchasing and installing the flagpoles.  On November 11, 2008 we officially dedicated the beginning of the construction of the memorial.

Construction was very slow through 2009 and picked up in 2010 with some large donations.  The target date for completion of the memorial with the exception of a few smaller elements was September 1, 2010, but because of the constant rain during the spring, completion was set back a few months.

As you look at the memorial today, you will be hard pressed to see that the memorial is not complete.  There are only a few minor additions to be made.

The American Legion purchased an Eagle statue from Bend Bronze.  It is on permanent loan to the Estacada Veteran's Memorial.

On August 23, 2014 the Estacada Veteran's Memorial was officially dedicated.

You will also notice that A Blue Star monument plaque was installed in the memorial at the front of the flower bed.  It was installed by the Estacada Garden Club.

A new piece of granite has been installed on the south facet of the statue base in the memorial.  This piece has the date of dedication of the memorial and lists the Board Members at the time of dedication.

Dennis P. Dahrens, Founder and President                      EASOTF


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Dennis Dahrens.
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Patriotism...is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.  ~~Adlai Stevenson~~

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